Spring & Summer 
D56 Leash Available Vacation Days White
C28 Beach Baby Lavender
A52 Leash Available Sunny Days (M L XL only)
E58 Leash AvailableFun in the Sun Shells
E64 Leash AvailablePink Blue Medallions
E91 Leash Available Clowns Dont Scare Me Stripes
A55 Leash AvailableAnchors Teal
B80 Leash AvailableAnchors Coral
F05 Leash AvailableFlip Flops on White (M L XL only)
C90 Leash AvailableBlue Anchors on Pink
B39 Leash AvailableHappiness Flowers
E24 Leash AvailableSmall Flower Red
A59 Leash AvailableWatermelon Black White Check
D21 Leash AvailableDaisies on Pink
A63 Leash AvailableColorful Hearts and Flowers on Aqua
A66 Leash AvailableDaisies on Blue
D94 Leash AvailableCrazy Daisy on Red
D42 Leash AvailableWhispering Flowers Lime (M L XL only)
C35 Leash AvailableWatermelon Summer
C46 Leash Available Sunflower Stripes White
E29 Leash AvailableRustling Gold Leaves
B08 Leash Available Windy Day Leaves
E34 Leash AvailableSunflower Stripe
E49 Leash Available Tiny Punkin Patch
D38 Leash AvailableFall Gourds
C93 Leash Available Tiny Acorn Blue
D87 Leash AvailableFall Forest Leaves
D03 Leash Available Pile of Leaves on Black
E22 Leash AvailableGlittery Indian Corn
C11 Leash Available Indian Summer
D61 Leash AvailableMini Leaves
B44 Leash Available Jumbled Pumpkin Row
C72 Leash AvailableAcorn Stripe
C53 Leash Available Country Pumpkin (M L XL only)
E19 Leash AvailableFalling Maples (M L XL only)
C45 Leash Available Autumn Breezes
D29 Leash AvailableBrightly Colored Harvest
A95 Leash Available Giant Sunflower Purple (M L XL only)
E17 Leash AvailableAcorn Leaves
A29 Leash Available Tiny Acorns
C59 Leash AvailableCrooked Snowmen Lime
C71 Leash AvailableSnowflakes on Red
E39 Leash AvailableLet It Snow LT Blue
B81 Leash Available Holiday Mini Penguins
D78 Leash AvailableWinters Here
E03 Leash Available Snowmen Scarves
C98 Leash AvailableCrooked Snowmen Teal
A97 Leash AvailableWhimsical Snowmen (L XL only)
A56 Leash AvailableShimmery Blue
D80 Leash AvailableWinter Snowflakes Blue
B14 Leash AvailableFrosty Day Snowman (M L XL only)
A98 Leash AvailableBright Blue Winter
Not sure what size you need?
See the size chart below.

Cat Collars
Kitten    $9.50
Cat      $9.50


Dog Collars
XS $9.00
S $9.00
M $12.00
L $14.00
XL $16.00



(Replaces the Plastic Buckle)

Steel Buckle    $2.75


Dog Collar Flowers

(fabric flower that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


Dog Collar Bow Tie

(fabric bow tie that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


All Leashes are 5' in length.  Small is 1/2" wide, Medium is 3/4" wide and Large is 1" wide.

        (Some fabrics not available)

Small  1/2" width $20.00
Medium 3/4" width  $21.00
Large  1" width    $22.00


        (Some fabrics not available)

XSmall   $22.00
Small   $22.00
Medium   $24.00
Large      $29.00


Cat Collars
Size Length Width
Kitty 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
Cat 8"-13" 1/2"

Dog Collars
Size Length Width
XS 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
S 8"-13" 1/2"
M 11"-17" 3/4"
L 15"-24" 1"
XL 19"-30" 1"

Size Length Width
Small 60" 1/2"
Medium 60" 3/4"
Large 60" 1"



Girth is the circumference of your dog just behind the front legs where the chest is the fullest.

Size Girth Width
XSmall 10-14" 1/2"
Small 14-20" 1/2"
Medium 20-28" 3/4"
Large 28-36" 1"


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